Will Oklahoma’s Law Industry Go Up in Smoke?



Twenty-one states have legalized the use of marijuana is Oklahoma next to join in on the “high time’s”? How could this effect our Law industry and Legal system?

2014 started with a bang for “Oklahomans” when senate bill 2166 was attempted to be place in effect. This bill would allow residence of Oklahoma 21 and over to use marijuana for “medical purposes”.  As many know Oklahoma has very strict laws over the possession of Narcotics, especially Marijuana. This bill received quite the attention, on television, social media, it even produced rallies for the legalization of this substance. Many supporters of this cause are of the younger generation, mainly younger than 45, those opposed are older.  However, the bill wasn’t even considered for further review and was denied.

In the latest news Oklahoma supporters are at it again. A new story is floating around on social media stating “Oklahomans may be allowed to vote over the legalization of marijuana come November 2014”. Attorney General Scott Pruitt must approve of the ballot to vote first, then there must be 250,000 signatures of supporters before this will even be place in the hands of the people.

Oklahoma is currently ranked number one for the incarceration of women over the possession of narcotics, at least half of those prisoners placed in correctional facilities over marijuana charges. Male incarceration is not far behind, being ranked number 4 for the same charges. Two questions remain in my mind, “How is this going to affect those who are incarcerated over possession of the narcotic”? and, “How is this going to affect those in the Law field”?

No one knows! They have yet to reach an agreement on how this will effect prisoners, or how this will effect a major industry making this entire cause flawed.

Many lawyers in Oklahoma practice “Criminal Law”, and possessing narcotics is highly criminal in Oklahoma. Many lawyers are capable of gaining a reduced sentence for first time offenders, second time offenders are a little harder to work with. Lively hood of the law industry in Oklahoma focuses mainly on a lot of these cases, legalization would cause many jobs to be lost. Those who are currently in the law field, and entering that filed will be limited to jobs available because, there would not be too much of a need for them. Legalization won’t only have a huge impact on the law industry, but also a huge impact on  citizens as well. Those who have been incarcerated for long periods of time could be released, if legalization occurs. They have been exposed to an “Animalistic” nature in prison, fighting for survival, over little things that we tend to take for granted here with our freedom. If these individuals are released what happens when the wrong thing is said to one of these ex-convicts? Crime would increase bringing back the need for the law industry.  I have to ask though, why take the risk to cause a problem where there isn’t one? As stated in my first paragraph, many voters are young and they have no idea of the impact this could have on the future.They really need to think about more than just the “here and now”. In my final opinion, Oklahoma should stay true to what it has practiced for so many years, less problems and safer living environments.



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