Let’s Begin..

What are laws? Why do we have them? We have those who enforce the law, but we also have those who defend those involved in legal issues, and we have those who prosecute those who don’t abide by the law itself. Do those we call lawyers work alone or are they helped in some way? An accurate answer to this is yes they do both, but many lawyers have a “Paralegal”. A paralegal is the one who does the research and build the case, deals with clients, and files important documents. Without them lawyers would be effective yes, but they would have a case overload.

I personally love research, and law, I find it so fascinating. In this blog I will present some of my work. Explain to you my journey through college, post videos of case study’s that I have freely analyzed,  and place my opinion on them. This is something I truly enjoy, and I hope you enjoy reading my post as much as I will enjoy posting them.


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